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Dr. Julie Miller, Inc.


Growing people who grow your business


Dr. Julie Miller, Inc. is a leading training company that has delivered high quality, tailored programs for the past three decades. We focus on delivering results-driven strategies to assist you in reaching your business goals.


Our powerful and proven programs include keynote speeches, on-site and online training, one-on-one coaching, plus a wide range of products and services.


We offer solutions for companies and individuals:

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Business Writing That Counts!


Our Mission


To increase our clients' bottom line by eliminating bad writing.


To enhance your employees’ earning power by improving their writing skills in a rapidly changing, fast-paced work environment.


We accomplish these goals through teaching powerful techniques that reduce writing time while increasing the quality of all written communications.


Services include on-site workshops, individual coaching, online writing courses with personalized feedback, webinars, consulting and editing services, plus speaking engagements.

Motivational Speaker


A sought-after speaker and author, Dr. Julie’s high-energy presentations win rave reviews across all industries and organization levels. 


Her inspirational speeches motivate audiences through sharing engaging stories that reveal a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her audiences leave uplifted with a renewed sense of purpose. 


A sampling of her impressive client list includes eBay, Microsoft, Expedia, Costco, Kiewit Construction, Kenworth Trucks, Snohomish County Public Utility District, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Bank of the West, City of Seattle, Washington State’s Office of the Attorney General, and New York Life.

Proven Leadership


Dr. Miller serves on two boards at the University of Southern California and is a member of the Rotary Club of Bellevue, Washington. She was awarded the Women Business Owners (WBO) Excellence Award, the Helen Thayer Woman of the Year Award, and been voted Volunteer of the Year twice for her work with the YMCA.


She serves as a Trustee for Cascadia College and as board vice-chair of Bellevue Arts Museum.


Dr. Julie  sits on two advisory boards: City University's Entrepreneurship program and Collective Changes: An economic empowerment and leadership mentoring program for women. 

Secrets of Self-Starters

Those of you who have known me for a while, know I wrote a second book, Secrets of Self-Starters. Utilizing the book’s concepts, I developed a robust leadership program based on the 9 Success Factors discovered through interviewing hundreds of self-starters and leaders.


Recently, I sold this business to an outstanding, highly accomplished trainer and entrepreneur, Kevin Barrett, who has taken the program to the next level. It is now in very capable hands. Kevin has renamed the program: Success-Minded Leader. Below is the program’s description and link.


At Success-Minded Leader, our mission is to help our clients unlock their leadership potential through discovery, self-reflection, and practice. Success-Minded Leader programs empower your team to tap into their innate ability to master their mindsets through Success-Minded, Immersive, and Transformative Leadership Development Training/Coaching Programs.


At Success-Minded Leader, our work is based on interviews with hundreds of leaders at the top of their field to understand the essence of how they succeed. What we discovered is that while the path to achievement varies widely among these individuals, what is consistent among them is that they share mastery of nine characteristics, what we call 9 Success Mindsets.


Success-Minded Leaders are more engaged, self-directed, innovative, and accountable. They produce consistently remarkable results. Success-Minded Leaders focus their action through the development of 9 Success Mindsets. Self-reflection is an essential habit for Success-Minded Leaders.


From engaging on-site sessions to blended learning courses, we deliver leadership training/coaching programs that get results.

Whether you have a small team of managers or a group of 100, our mission is to help you unlock the leadership potential of your team through discovery, self-reflection, and practice.

We provide market-tested and proven leadership development/coaching programs designed to create the kind of inspired and trust-filled environment where the 9 Success Mindsets of vision, passion, perseverance, creativity, compassion, risk-taking, self-motivation, seizing opportunities, and positive thinking can thrive and flourish:

  • Our Becoming a Success-Minded Leader Program is a 24-week Leadership Development Training/Coaching program designed specifically for Executives, established Managers/Directors, Business Owners, and experienced Project Managers.  We focus on building competency in managing strategy and managing people. We leverage the Miller Success Factor Assessment and research-based 9 Success Mindsets to build skills through development of self-awareness, self-honesty, and self-discipline.

  • Our  Fast-Track-to-Success is a 20-week Leadership Development Training/Coaching program designed specifically for First-Time Managers/Supervisors, High-Potentials, new Project Managers and people being developed for those roles.  The program builds fundamental management skills in managing people, decision making and planning while building their leadership potential through learning and mastering the 9 Success Mindsets.

These programs help foster a culture where leaders, and those they lead, become engaged, self-directed, innovative, accountable; and routinely and consistently produce remarkable results.


Business Writing That Counts!

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